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Spotlight: Boo-Bee

It's hard to believe that the release of "King of the Creepies" is only just a month away! To get ready for release I wanted to talk a little bit about the most terrifying insect on the planet... the Boo-Bee!

Boo-Bee is all about using her Poison Stinger to mess with enemies. Once stung, her opponents take damage each turn, and can't be reversed! Her high speed helps her poison her foes quickly, and her large health pool keeps her in the battle until her enemies succumb to contrition. Bee sure to spread your attacks around the table; Boo-Bee may apply poison to as many players as she can hit.

Because she can be an early game target, Boo-Bee is best played in smaller groups and against slower enemies. Until you apply poison to each of your enemies, Boo-Bee will usually be a high priority target.

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