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Strategy Sesh #2-- Stat Blocks

I know, I know, not the most interesting topic in the entire world, but it’s important, OKAY? This is just a quick rundown of what exactly you’re looking at when you draw a Creepie card.

HP: This is how much health your Creepie has. When it hits 0, you’re Knocked Out. Overall It’s the most important stat, you want to always keep track of it as you play. If you are playing as a low-HP character, make sure you have a health potion or restorative ability on deck.

Attack: This stat measures how good your Creepie is at dealing damage to enemies. Creepies with high Attack scores benefit mostly from having good Gear, and abilities that can deflect incoming damage, as High attack Creepies usually are lacking in the defense department.

Defense: Creepies with high Defense are tough. Usually opponents need to really use a concentrated effort to take them down. Because of your high Defense, (and likely low Attack) players will more often than not overlook you as a threat. Use this to your advantage by trying to avoid making enemies early in the battle.

Speed: One of the lesser used stats, Speed only determines the first player in a battle. While this may seem like the least important of the skills, there can be huge advantages for going first. By coming out the gate hard against a high threat opponent, you can sometimes establish the pecking order by creating early chaos on the table. Look out for players to want to go first, they usually have something devastating in their hand.

Ability: This one is a little trickier. Ability score determines how many ability cards a Creepie can play PER BATTLE. So If your Creepie has a high Ability score, you want to be drawing a lot of abilities during the Market Phase, so that you can be at the top of your game.

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