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Strategy Sesh Week 1: The First Market Phase.

This is another weekly installment leading up to release of 'King of the Creepies.' In these articles I'll talk a little bit about the basics of gameplay, and offer a few pro-tips to get an early advantage.

'Creepies' is a game broken down into three phases: Market, Mischief, and Battle. Today we will discuss how to start the game on the right foot in the Market phase.

The first Market phase is often the toughest for me because it can potentially set the tone of my strategy for the whole game. Let’s break down some of the things to look for when taking your first turn in Creepies, and how you can start to form a strategy.

This is what you will be seeing at the beginning of the game

1. Look at your hand. You start the game off with 2 Creepies, 2 Goodies, and 2 Abilities. I like to look at my Creepies first, because they will more often than not dictate how i try to build out my hand. For example, if I draw a character who is very ability focused, like Frigid Witch for example, then I will probably lean towards drawing more ability cards in order to support her playstyle.

2. Buy cards. During the Market Phase, players may buy as many cards as they can afford. In the first round, buying cards can give you a potential early advantage, just make sure you have some Monies left over to bet in the Arena!

3. Play the long game. Sometimes you just don't get the cards you need in the beginning. Playing defensively early game can set you up for big wins later. Remember, the game is played in rounds. If you don’t see yourself winning the first battle, hold onto your more powerful cards for another round where you are more likely to succeed.

So there you have a few quick tips to start your first round of King of the Creepies!

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