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Introducing... Can of Vegetables!

Time for a new bi-weekly biography segment I'm calling "Meet the Creepies!" Today we start with the elusive Can of Vegetables.

Can of Vegetables was a prototype of the “Great Green Beans and Also National Defense” Corporation. The goal was to create a new type of meal that was nutritious, delicious, and could also eliminate any potential threat to consumers.

But there was just one flaw; Can of Vegetables kept mistakenly interpreting attempts to be eaten as a threat, thus turning on its increasingly hungry creators. Finally, after countless failed attempts, project “Mean Beans” was scrapped, and its creators just ordered pizza instead.

Can of Vegetables was slated to be disposed of, but no one could decide if he should go in the recycling or the trash, so instead they promised to grant the Can of Vegetables freedom with one caveat-- it must compete in the arena and win the title of King of the Creepies!

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